The Erasmus Generation meets the People of Tomorrow!
Participate in a special Tomorrowland sales moment and join the greatest Erasmus reunion at

Get your Tomorrowland Tickets with the ESNcard!

As it's quite hard to get tickets for the famous tomorrowland fesival in Boom, Belgium we are happy to announce that we have a partnership with them again so you are able to have a good chance to get a ticket if you have an ESNcard.

The special sales moment for the tickets starts at 23rd of January at 17h end ends at 29. of January at 17h 2020!

Follow these rules:
- Up to two tickets per person (at least one of them has to have a registered ESNcard and participate)
- Selling of the tickets to other people is not possible

The ticket sale will happen in the following way:
1. ESNcard holders need to register their ESNcard on
2. Students create a Tomorrowland account, and link their ESNcard to this account The information in the Tomorrowland account needs to be the same as on the ESNcard account This needs to be done until the 22nd of January 17:00 CET
3. Provided the steps above were done correctly, ESNcard holders are able to buy tickets between the 23rd of January 17:00 CET and the 29th of January 17:00 CET.

More information about the available tickets and sales process: