Recycling Infos

Here is a PDF Recycling sheet, in many different languages, so just have a quick look at it.

Can i pay with my german banc card abroad?

- international withdrawal costs +-5 Euros plus the local Atm fee. Payment should be free of charge with EC/Debit card. This information is only valid for Sparkasse Augsburg.

Where can I find english speaking doctors?

English speaking family doctor:

An english speaking dentist you can find here:

Holidays with special rules

Some holidays have special rules. On these days you are not allowed to party from a special time on. They following days forbid to party from 2 o`clock the night on and end at 00:00.

  • Holy Thursday
  • Goodfriday  - Beginning of party prohibition at 00:00
  • Saturday before easter à Beginning of party prohibition at 00:00
  • All Saints day (Allerheiligen)  
  • Memorialday (Volkstrauertag)
  • Sunday before advent on which the dead are commemorated (Totensonntag)
  • Day of Prayer and Repentance (Buß- und Bettag)
  • Christmas  à  Beginning of party prohibition at 14.00 (ends at 00:00)


If you not follow the rules you might have to pay a fine up to 1500€

Where can I shop on Sundays and holidays?

Most restaurants are open as well as petrol stations which often have a little shop included. Normally they are a bit overpriced.   Special Holiday

the city of augsburg has a unique holiday called the Augsburger Friedensfest ( Peace day) it is a bank holiday only in the the citiy of augsburg. THis means shops in augsburg are closed but shops in nearby towns are open ( friedberg, Königsbrunn, Neusäß, Gersthofen). It is happening on the 8th of August

GEZ – what is it and why should I pay it?

Generally you should pay it! For further infos see the links:

The Kö

The Königsplatz ("kings place"), is mostly just called "Kö" . It is the central transfer point in the heart of Augsburg's city centre. Almost all buses and trams depart from here and you are right in the city centre to experience the city day and night.


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