Here we provide you with all information concerning our tutor program. 

What is the tutor program of the University of Augsburg?

The tutor program is organized by ESN (Erasmus Student Network) in cooperation with the International Office of the University of Augsburg. As part of the program, students who are enrolled at the University of Augsburg help international students during their stay in Augsburg.

How can my tutor help me?

Your tutor helps you with problems and questions which come up during your stay in Augsburg. He can pick you up from the station, show you the way to your accommodation, and help you with public offices or with course registration. You can also ask him anything related to your everyday life, like the best possibilities to buy cheap groceries or to go out for a drink.

Please be aware that all our tutors are volunteers. They have also other obligations and are not always available for you. Make sure to inform your tutor early enough about important appointments and don’t take his help for granted.

In what period of time is my tutor there to help me?

We allocate your tutor at the end of February (winter term) respectively the end of August (summer term). He should contact you at the 20th of March/September at the latest. Normally most of our students are in Augsburg until the end of the classes (end of January or mid of July). But this depends on the individual planning of your tutor.

How can I register for University of Augsburg’s tutor program?

As an exchange student within either the Erasmus+ or "WeltWeit" program, you are automatically part of our tutor program. If you do not want to have a tutor, please send a mail to

If you want to find out more about the tutor-program or have already decided that you would like to register as a tutor, please visit the following link: