Lesson on Bavarian beverages

Bavaria is, of course, renowned for its beer, and there are seveal kinds of it:

  • lager, or "helles Bier"
  • dark beer, or "Dunkles"
  • light/top fermented beer, or "Weizen/Weißbier"
  • dark "Weizen"
  • "Pils"
  • "Bock"
  • craft beer, increasingly often


Especially women like to mix beer. Those drinks are called as follows:

  • Helles and Sprite: Radler
  • Weizen and Sprite: Russ
  • Weizen and Coke: Cola Weizen
  • Dark beer and Sprite: dunkles Radler
  • Dark beer, Coke, and cherry liqueur: Kirschgoaß
  • Dark beer, Coke, and Cognac: Cognacgoaß
  • Weizen, and raspberry or woodruff syrup: Berliner Weiße
  • Wine, and sparkling water or Sprite: Weinschorle
  • Sparkling wine, elder syrup, and mint: Hugo
  • Coke, and Fanta: Spezi (btw.The name “Spezi“ was invented by the Riegele brewery in Augsburg, but is used throughout Germany).

Also popular: Wodka Brause. At some bars and clubs you get a shot of vodka, and with it a package of sherbet powder (a powder that you put in your water to get a lemonade). Put the powder in your mouth, first, and drink the vodka afterwards. Be prepared for foam in your mouth afterwards. ;)


Better do not mix, because people don’t like it:

  • Helles, and Coke
  • Pils (with anything!)


The king of Augsburg

In Augsburg, he is famous: the king. He appointed himself king many years ago, and in summer, you can find him in front of the townhall, frequently. You will recognize him by his long beard, and he is also barefoot and wears extraordinary clothes most of the time.