Saturday ESN is taking you to Heidelberg.

Aply for this trip at student accommodation Lecbrücke room 1203.

( to enter the accommodation, press the big button untill you listen to a sign, enter the room numbers. See how to get to Lechbürcke at the end the trip description)

6€ for those who have a Esn-card
8€ for those without a Esn-card.

You can apply for the trip at those days:

Monday.............15:00 / 18:00
Tuesday.............8:00 / 13:00
Wednesday.......8:00 / 13:00
Thursday............8:00 / 13:00

*limited places.
*Secured place only after payment.

We will meet at the Central Train Station at 7:05 direct at the platform 3
Please note that the train leaves at 7:25. We will not be able to wait for you if you are late. Once you paid for the trip, you will not get your money back if you don’t show up.

*This trip will not take place in bad weather conditions.

Heidelberg is quite, we´ll spent a long time traveling by train.
We´ll be back to Augsburg at 22:33

Closed or trekking shoes extremelly recommended.

To get from Königsplatz to Lechbrücke. Take the Tram n. 1 torwards Lechahusen Ostfriedhof. Get out at the tram stop Berliner Allee. The accommodation is the big grey building across the street.

23/04/2016 - 07:00