During the Summer Semester:

Osterplärrer: The Augsburger folk festival (a kind of Mini-Oktoberfest), with beer tents and fun rides. Always two weeks, starting at Easter

Modular Festival: A festival in the middle of the city, always around the beginning of June.

Summer nights: The whole city becomes a party zone (free entrance) - always in June or July

Open-air cinema Lechflimmern: If you like, you can also use the tickets from the cinema triangle (see 10 tickets for the cinema)

Augsburg Peace Festival: Augsburg has its own holiday, August 8th.which exists only here. The Religious peace was established in Augsburg. And this is celebrated. On the town hall square, a large common meal takes place, everyone brings something along and it is shared among each other.

Summer is beer garden time. There are numerous beer gardens in Augsburg. Normally, the rule in Bavaria is: Drinks are served by the landlord, but you may bring your own snacks. In the beer gardens in the city centre, however, this is often not very appreciated. Barbecue: there are some public barbecue areas in Augsburg, e.g. on the southern shore of Lake Kuhsee. There are places for ashes and garbage, but you have to bring your own barbecue grill. Here you can see where barbecues are allowed.

You can go swimming in Augsburg at different lakes, in the Lech and the Wertach or in the swimming pools. Here, you can find information about all swimming possibilities.

Sonnendeck (Sundeck): Relax at Augsburg's rooftop beach bar on top of a car park in the city.


During the Winter Semester:

Herbstplärrer: The Augsburger folk festival (a kind of Mini Oktoberfest), with beer tents and fun rides. Always two weeks at the end of August / beginning of September

Honky Tonk: Bar Hopping with live music, always at the beginning of November (10.11.2018)

Turamichele: Every weekend on the week of September 29th, the Turamichele Festival is celebrated in Augsburg. It is not a big feast, but the window at the Perlach Tower is decorated and always on the full hour a figure of St. Michael appears, stabbing the devil (one stab per chime).

Christmas markets: In the time of Advent, there are Christmas markets where you can drink mulled wine, buy presents and of course eat. In Augsburg, the largest Christmas market is at the Rathausplatz, there is also a smaller, alternative Christmas market with handicrafts at the Zeughaus (only on weekends) and one Christmas Market in front of the City Galerie. In addition, you can also find small mulled wine stands in some yards, e.g. at the Alte Silberschmiede and at zum Bayerischen Herzl: There are also nice Christmas markets in Friedberg and, a little more difficult to reach: Affing (voted the most beautiful Christmas market), Gut Mergentau and the Christmas market at Scherneck Castle.


You can always find these and other events at neue szene and on their facebook page.