[ENG] Summer term is knocking at the door. But we won't let it in. Not yet. Instead we rock the dancefloor to the finest international party sound and celebrate life to the fullest. And everyone is invited to celebrate with us the Erasmus Opening Party in the Chameleon room of Mahagoni Bar.

Location: Mahagoni Bar (tram station "Königsplatz" (all trams; 7mins walking distance); bus station "Ulrichsplatz" (bus 22, 35; 0,5mins walking distance)
At the door: 7 €
Pre-sale: 5 €
Party Package: @Maha + ESN Welcome Party 2 @Mo + ESNcard = 10€
Pre-sale at all events of ESN Augsburg

[DE] Das Sommersemester klopft an der Tür, aber wir lassen es nicht rein. Noch nicht. Stattdessen bringen wir die Tanzfläche zum Beben. Zu feinstem internationalen Partysound feiern wir das Leben. Und alle feiern mit uns das Erasmus-Opening im Chamäleon Saal der Mahagoni Bar.

27/04/2017 - 22:30
Mahagoni Bar (Ulrichsplatz 3, 86150 Augsburg)
Presale 5 € (at door 7 €)
  • Everyone is invited.