When you are arriving.....

the international office created a page with useful information that we recommend you to read in order to find questions for the most common questions like how to find a flat and more.
Also find more information on their general page for incoming students.

Where can I find a room or a flat?

Generally the Uni (Studentenwerk) helps you. You can choose 3 dormitories where you want to live the most. https://studentenwerk-augsburg.de/
Only if you refuse the help, than you can check the following.


WG gesucht:
It`s an online plattform for shared appartments. It s actually what we use as well.

There are also private dormitories where you can apply, as for example:




When you are leaving.....

What do I have to do, when I am leaving Augsburg?

We advice you to follow this checklist to make sure you have finished everything once you are done

What can I do with stuff that I don't need anymore?

You can try to sell it in the facebook or whatsapp group or ebay Kleinanzeigen.
Otherwise you can also give it as a donation to a charity project, e. g. the shop contact