Are you a student at the University of Augsburg and would like to get involved? Here is the most important information about our tutoring program:

What exactly is the Tutor Program at the University of Augsburg?

The Tutor Program of the University of Augsburg is organized by ESN Augsburg in close cooperation with the International Office. Within the framework of the Tutor Program, students enrolled at the University of Augsburg help new foreign arrivals, exchange students and full students to start their new phase of life. Typical questions and problems that these so-called incoming students face at the beginning of their stay are, for example:

Wie erstelle ich meinen Stundenplan?

  • How do I create my timetable?
  • Where do I register for my courses?
  • Which administrative procedures do I have to take care of and where?
  • Where can I buy well and cheap?
  • What leisure activities does Augsburg offer?

The tutors serve their buddy as local contact persons, pick him up from the train station on request and try to make it easier for him to start his stay.

How much time does my work as a tutor require?

It is difficult to calculate in advance how much time it will take to become a tutor. This depends on the needs of your buddy. Some foreign students are happy about any support they can get, especially at the beginning; others on the other hand plunge themselves relatively independently into the "adventure Augsburg" and only fall back on the help of the tutor in an emergency. All in all, however, it can be said that the tutor should assist his buddy especially in the first weeks of the semester.
I will not be back in Augsburg until the beginning of the lectures. Can I still register as a tutor?

Since many of the foreign students' questions, such as accommodation, course registrations or insurance, should be answered before the start of the lectures, it is desirable that you are present in Augsburg at the latest at the beginning of the semester. However, you can also register as a tutor if you are available in Augsburg at a later date. In each semester, foreign students who wish to be assigned a tutor will still spontaneously register in the first weeks after the start of lectures. As a rule, these are assigned to tutors who are not in Augsburg before the start of lectures. However, you should be available in Augsburg at the latest when the lectures start. In any case, it must be possible to contact you by e-mail from mid-March or September. Since the number of spontaneous inquiries cannot be predicted, we unfortunately cannot guarantee that you will be assigned a buddy if you are not available in Augsburg until the lecture begins.
How and by when do I register as a tutor?

Please find the necessary information at the page of the international office

What are the advantages of working as a tutor?

You can have your work as a tutor for the Certificate for Intercultural Key Qualifications (ZIS) credited with 5 or 10 points in Module 3. For 5 points you have to fill in the tutor report sheet and hand it in at the end of the semester to the person responsible for the tutor programme. In order to receive a further 5 points, you must also have a feedback interview with the tutor. In addition, the tutoring programme offers you the opportunity to get in touch with international students, to consolidate your foreign language skills and to make contacts for your own semester abroad.


Does that mean I can choose from which country my buddy comes from or which native language he/she has?

Although we want the tutoring program to be beneficial for all parties, it is primarily a matter of preparing foreign students as well as possible for their stay. The allocation is based on various criteria, such as language skills, subject, planned stays abroad of the tutor or the age, which are weighted differently depending on whether the foreign student is only for one semester or his entire studies in Augsburg. In general, our main focus is on the subject of study/faculty affiliation. When you register, however, you can specify your wishes regarding the language skills of the buddy, for example, which we will try to take into account as far as possible. However, it is impossible to respond to every single request. Please understand if your buddy does not have the language skills you require. Our activities, but also the excursions of the International Office (which you can visit together with your buddy ;-) ) offer you the opportunity to get to know other foreign students who have the language background you want.
Is the tutoring paid?

No, the work as a tutor is not paid.
If you have any further questions, simply write an e-mail to or look at the website of the International Office: