ESN Auxchange Augsburg saw the light of the ESN world at the NP in May 2013. As section number 27, Bavaria's third largest city is finally represented in the Erasmus Student Network.

Preparations began in February 2013: Seven motivated students, all with international experience, made the decision to bring ESN into the city. The support of the foreign students had to be administered by only three volunteer student employees of the AstA. Of course, despite their full commitment, they could not do as much for the exchange students as they would have liked.

Our common goal is to enable foreign students to integrate quickly and successfully and to make it easier for them to have an unforgettable time in Augsburg. We can implement this concern much better by choosing an official ESN section.

In the meantime ESN Augsburg grows with each semester and has new possibilities to offer the Incomings an unforgettable stay abroad!

Visit us in Augsburg! Aux ♥ ESN!