About Augsburg University

  • University sports offer different types of sports for a cheap price. Registration is always in the beginning of the semester. Places are limited! The principle of “first come, first serve“ applies, therefore, register directly when registration is open or try to get one of the left spaces later.
    See our guide and tipps for the registration below.
  • With the Campus-App of Augsburg university, you can check the cafeteria's menu and search for the rooms in which your lectures take place.
  • The University of Augsburg has a famous animal: Feel free to follow the Campus Cat on Facebook and Instagram
  • The International Office (Akademisches Auslandsamt) of Augsburg University offers different intercultural events during the semester. Get further information on their own homepage or on Facebook.


How to register for sports

here is our profi guide to register for sports at the University Campus!

First of all, i suggest you to go to this site some days before the registration to check wich sports they offer and be familiar with the online page.

The registration for the courses will start on a given day at 9.00am. Each 30 minutes they will open a new category, they start with ball games.

In the main page there is also a list of categories, if u click on "Kategorien". https://anmeldung.sport.uni-augsburg.de/angebote/aktueller_zeitraum/index_bereiche.html


To register

  • go on the main page then click on "Courses and Registration"
  • Choose a Sport from the list and click on it
  • In the page of the sport u see timetables, room, costs and on the right side the part "Buchung" where u will have to click on the day of the registration to start the registration. There you also find the time when the registration for this sport will start (not every sport has the registration at 9, it depends on the sport category)
  • Fullfill all the information they ask u, and finish the registration.

Remember: You have to be fast, and as a lot of students will be on the site that day can be that the page will freeze or that a course will be overbooked in two minutes.

HOW TO BE FASTER at the day of the registration:
go here https://anmeldung.sport.uni-augsburg.de/angebote/aktueller_zeitraum/_Teilnahmeentgelt.html#K01111

click on "buchen", then write all ur information and put "Studendin UniAugsburg" as Student Status. After that click on weiter zu buchung. It will say you can't register for that, but from this moment you can call back every information just double clicking.

We hope this guide will help you registering in your favourite sport!